Easter 2017- Cahir House

Saturday  15th,  saw Fethard Gaa hold it’s Dinner Dance in Cahir House Hotel. The evening kick off with what was an excellent and I mean excellent meal served by the hotel. After the meal came the presentations, a stage that some years back one might be excused for cringing to some degree as it took a fair length of time. But no this was sweet and cherished by all there, the generations that went before them, our now Senior Team and the next generation waiting in the fringe to add their bit to Fethard Gaa’s great name and reputation.

The evening was well organised and structured by the Chairman ( John Hurley ), Stephen Fitzgerald and Mary Godfrey, a hearty thank you to all. Noel Byrne did a top class  job as he called and introduced each player individually to their presentations. Medal Presentations were carried out by two great servants of club and County, men that when you mention their names  it makes you feel some way taller as you know they represent pure pride and commitment, Michael (Buddy) Fitzgerald and Brian Burke. A high point of the evening was  a special presentation to a man who has achieved so much to-date and is still making he presence felt in the Gaa, Yes Paul (cracker) Fitzgerald, who undoubtedly  will go down in history as one that we are proud to call our own. Noel read through the list of medals and competitions that Paul has won through out his career as a player with club and county, a list that extended itself to both codes of the Gaa, this list as he spoke through it was long and I mean long, it started to feel life one of those socials I mentioned of years gone by. Paul gracious as he is said his take on his career and as the saying goes ” A blind man could see what it meant to him”. I hope he just realises that this not the end of his time in Fethard Gaa but a transition to the next step. Thank you and god bless you Paul.

Then, with no one more fitting to close off the speeches than Jimmy O’Shea, Jimmy through to character when asked at the end of the meal would he close out, stood up and said an impromptu speech that summed up life friendships and Fethard Gaa.

Super Soul Machine played an eclectic mix of songs that had everyone up and dancing, followed by one of our DJ Kumar, a training session that went on well into the early hours. Unfortunately I have to add this with regards to standard of dancing, we are lucky that they are good footballers because they’re not getting any medals for their dancing skills (some not all). And for one in particular of our  more recent past players as he strutted his stuff I noticed one of the Cahir House staff following him around wiping the “wet” of the floor, “Ring Of Kerry”        “Big Red”.


Thanks you to Cahir House Hotel, Super Soul Machine, DJ Kumar, our own organizers and presenters and last but not least our memory makers the players both past and present.



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